THE CHOICE – Animated Film for EXPO 2000, Germany

Recording the musical score for "THE CHOICE" with the Budapest Symphony in Hungary. Bruce's animated short film was produced for the official youth pavilion of Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany. Bruce wrote and directed the film which ran for 5 months as feature presentation at the Pavilion of Hope. He and  composer and arranger Howard Baer collaborated on music for the film. The [ READ MORE ]

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Lost In Tape – Danger!

BRUCE POSES AT HIS TORONTO STUDIO IN 1988. RECORDINGS DATE BACK TO THE 60'S AND 70'S. BRUCE'S EARLIEST SONGS - RESTORING THE ORIGINAL RECORDINGS Bruce started composing and record songs in his high-school years. He was drumming at 10 years old and playing guitar by his early teens. At 15, he was performing in a commercial band and teaching guitar after school. [ READ MORE ]

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Ice Dragon Movie and a Russian Love Story

Bruce first presented the original Blue Daisies story in 1993 at a speaking engagement in a church in Moscow. The story sat tucked away in an office drawer for over 25 years, until Bruce shared it with Luke Conrad, President of Cartoon Conrad Productions. Luke encouraged Bruce to develop the story into an animated production, which became a reality in 2014. LISTEN [ READ MORE ]

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A Musical that Touched the World

Bruce’s musical masterwork, The Scroll was composed when he was just 30 years old. Since its release in 1986 it has been experienced by millions at 3 world exhibitions. Narrated by the late Christian scholar and acclaimed British journalist Malcom Muggeridge, the musical recording was made with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London and a number of noted vocal artists. The [ READ MORE ]

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Adventures in Children’s Programming

In the late eighties, Bruce became concerned about the quality of some of the kid's programming available for families. He created and produced several, award-winning children's series over the years, including Kingdom Adventure, an ambitious, original production produced through partnership with Crossroads Communications Inc and Baton Productions, the production arm of the CTV Network. Set in the imaginary land of Lumia, it told the [ READ MORE ]

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